5 Ways To Customize Your Ride


As e-bikes grow in popularity, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Similar to automobiles and smartphones, there are several options to personalize your e-bike! Let's have a look at some great adaptations that anybody can accomplish with little (or minimal) mechanical skills, whether you want to "bling it up" or give it a minimalist aesthetic.

We have different eye-catching options such as: 

  • Modifications to your e-appearance bike's
  • Functional alterations, such as adding baskets and racks.
  • Accessories addition: such as Handlebar grips with several hues and lights.

Let's see what suits you the best for your E-bike from our crazy customizing choices!


Let’s begin with some basic aesthetic customization.

1. Aesthetic Modifications

This is the most exciting part! A multitude of alternatives exists for subtly or dramatically altering the appearance of our e-bike. Some of these solutions need preparation, such as disassembling and cleaning the bicycle before vinyl wrapping. This is required to bind the vinyl to the bike frame and prevent it from flaking off and damaging the aesthetic.

You are not confined to a specific colour or design, since the options are almost unlimited! Also, there is no need to purchase vinyl created expressly for bicycles; any durable vinyl, especially those designed for the automotive sector, will work nicely with your electric bike. Don't restrict yourself to wrapping simply your bike frame with vinyl; you can also wrap your handlebars, seat post, and even your batteries!

 Some designs and hues to consider:

  • Carbon fibre 
  • Vibrant hues with a glossy finish
  • Luminous colors
  • Traditional forest, subtle graysand blacks, and even digital camouflage patterns. 
  • A matte appearance for "flat" colour aesthetics.

 Where to find design and colour ideas and inspiration:

  • Consult e-bike publications for fashionable, high-end bicycles. Use their patterns and hues for creative purposes. 
  • Consult automotive publications or online for ideas, and draw inspiration from unique paint jobs

 2. Be creative with spray paint


Tired of the colour of your bicycle's frame? CHANGE IT NOW! Prepare your frame first, either by removing the original paint or by washing and sanding the existing paint. Remove all components before spray painting, and use masking tape to protect parts you don't want to paint.

Here is a great room for being creative. Try a two-colour ombre fade or get fancy by creating a design with masking tape and then spraying a second colour on top. Even spray paint created exclusively for bicycles exists. The British firm Spray. A bike offers aerosol paint sprays in a variety of colour and finishes, including a clear finish and filler for dents and scratches. 

This is one of the easy and simple ways to enhance the appearance of your bicycle. It only requires a little talent, time, money, and effort and your bike is good to go! However, it can be more suited for children's cycles or your pub or commuting bike. Children love colourful and different things to try. You can get a pack of stickers from different places. 

3. Battery


A healthy battery leads to a healthy ride. E-bikes use detachable batteries, and if you purchased yours from a reputable manufacturer, they would be from Panasonic, LG, or Samsung. Typically, battery packs originate from various manufacturers. And only match particular bicycle designs. Depending on the design of the bicycle, buyers can request different alterations. Find a long-lasting battery to make your trip comfortable and tension-free. 



A powerful engine can make or break an electric bicycle. Customers demand sophisticated aesthetics and substantial overflow capacities. They can look for motor changes to improve the performance of their bike from a different manufacturer. In other instances, people may seek enhancements to enhance their experience. High-performance motors prolong the life of your e-bike.

5. Where can I get these customization? 

Customization can take your riding experience to another level. If you contact a manufacturer directly, you probably want more than a simple paint job or basket/cart accessory. If you want anything technical, you should either be technically savvy yourself or bring in someone with the appropriate experience. In any instance, you will provide your designs, and modification requirements, such as battery and motor improvements, features/control choices on your LCD panel, and any additional design aspects. Also, you can get them done by different stores such as WZL electric bikes. We have all the stuff to customize your bike.


Customizing your electric bicycle is always a cool idea. If your specific needs are about colour and other externally non-design components, then even novices can acquire an e-bike. Before deciding on the manufacturer of your custom electric bicycle, conduct comprehensive background research. Many companies are providing high-quality products and technical expertise. Look for professionals when you are ready to customize your electric bikes. 



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